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Tastes Like...

All of us have stories connected to food, and it's impossible to share those taste memories without talking about the communities connected to them. For these food-focused workshops, menus are collaboratively planned with the host community based on the chosen workshop theme. Whenever possible, ingredients/food are sourced from local farmers and businesses.

Community is...

Summer 2021
Baltimore, MD 

A 4-part exploratory workshop series looking to define “community” and our relationship to it, guided by stories of our communities and local farmers market produce.

  1. Where do we come from?

  2. How are we shaped by our communities?

  3. How do we shape our communities?

  4. How do we carry our communities forward?

​In collaboration with local farmers, I developed dinners around these themes. To read more, hover over the photos in the gallery.

After the workshops, participants filled out a feedback survey. Five of the six participants reflected that they thought about community more often after this workshop series.

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