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a community organizing framework where our stories are the ingredients for the communities we create

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pop-up markets where vendors and community members exchange stories around a common theme


customized workshops for you and your community to spark conversation about intentional relationship-building


free events/programs that engage the community in art-making, food, and conversation

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Community is like a recipe.

It adapts based on the ingredients: when/where we’re gathered, who we’re with, and why we’re here.


Recipes for Community is grounded on the premise that each of us has something to bring to the table: our stories. Each iteration creates a metaphorical pot for these stories.


If heat is the element of transformation in cooking, then what happens when these different stories encounter each other?


While the result is unknown, mutual change is inevitable. 

Investing in Community

Investing in the local economy is key to Recipes for Community, and whenever possible I try to financially compensate community partners. Thanks to the generosity of funders, as of April 2022 more than $7025 has gone to support local businesses, artists, farmers, non-profits, and community members.



This blog is a space for reflections, community highlights, conversation, and resource sharing.

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