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Sample Story Markets

Each Story Market gathers local business owners, farmers, artists, nonprofits, and community leaders based around a common theme. In the absence of buying and selling goods, these markets create the space for intentional conversation–for local growers and makers to share the inspiration behind their products, and to learn more about the people who take their creations home.

Tastes of Home

West Village Parking Garage, Towson University
April 21 - 23, 2022

What tastes like home? From the salt waters of Cape Cod to the farmers’ markets of Baltimore, this storytelling gathering invited audience members to reflect on the ingredients that make up their own communities. Through interactive art making and conversations with local farmers and small business owners, the audience was invited into a communal adaptation of the folktale of Stone Soup, where the ingredients were not carrots or potatoes but the stories that we carried with us. By turning our attention to the abundance in our communities, how could we change the stories that we bring to the table?

Acknowledgements: “Recipes for Community: Tastes of Home” was produced by the Towson University Department of Theatre Arts as part of my graduate thesis for their MFA in Theatre Arts program. A special thanks to BTU (Baltimore-Towson University) for their generous funding of this project.


Megan Lovely: Lead Artist/Community Organizer

Sydney “Bird” Pope: Director/Stage Manager

Griffin DeLisle: Dramaturge

Armani Jackson: Administrative Assistant

Lakeshia Ferebee: Audience Facilitator

Christy Brooks: Audience Facilitator

Brandon Ingle: Technical Director

Christy Zuccarini: Photographer


Abu the Flutemaker

32nd Street Farmers Market

Black Urban Gardening Society (BUGS)

Black Yield Institute

Farm to Face Café

Filbert Street Community Garden

Fresh at the Avenue


Mera Kitchen Collective

Nikita Yogaraj

One Straw Farm

Rose’s Bakery

Photos credited to: Christy Zuccarini

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