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Recipes for Community workshops are designed to create intentional gathering spaces for community members to exchange their stories, facilitating deeper reflection on our relationships with each other and the places we call home. Each workshop is designed in collaboration with the host community.

Sample Workshops

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Photo Credit: Skye Fort

Sowing Seeds of Community

In her book “Emergent Strategy,” adrienne maree brown writes: “What we pay attention to grows.” Through guided art-making and storytelling, participants reflect on a community that they want to invest more deeply in and plant the seeds for intentional relationship building.

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Community Tastes Like...

All of us have stories connected to food, and it's impossible to share those taste memories without talking about the communities connected to them. For these food-focused workshops, menus are collaboratively planned with the host community based on the chosen workshop theme.

What are

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“It’s a heap of good meaning to be found in a story if you got a mind to hear."
~Junebug Jabbo Jones

Photo Credit: Christy Zuccarini

Story Circles were developed by John O’Neal, founder of the Free Southern Theater and Junebug Productions, as both a way of facilitating audience talkback sessions and developing script material for community-based plays. This methodology has been influential for other community-based theater groups as a way of engaging the community in their creative process and building relationships amongst ensemble members.


In the circle, everyone takes turns sharing their story, uninterrupted.


Listening to each other's stories is equally important.


As O'Neal said: “In storytelling, listening is always more important than talking. If you’re thinking about your story while someone else is telling theirs, you won’t hear what they say. If you trust the circle, when it comes your turn to tell, a story will be there.”


Want to host a workshop in your community?

Contact me to set up a free 30-minute consultation. Based on our conversation, I'll come up with a price estimate for the cost of engagement. 

I look forward to collaborating with you!

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